Digital abstract painting - The king returns
Digital abstract painting - The king returns
Dimensions: 8904 x 7658 px
Painted: 2017

An abstract painting of a king sitting on his throne after returning from battle – it’s ideas like that lead to the creation of one of Bert Ernie’s abstract paintings. He starts with an idea and then creates the artwork with the goal of creating the composition, forms and colours that are an abstracted version of that realistic image in his head.

With the king returns paintings the decision was made to show a king sitting on a throne after returning from a long weary battle. The inspiration is the Game of thrones series. The process involved taking some of Bert’s photography of some of his abstract paintings and manipulating them digitally to create an appearance of a rich cloth tapestry. This is meant to evoke the sort of response one gets when they see the sort of robes a king would wear.

The final layer on top is a calligraphic swirl with numerous ¬†geometric elements, which (like the entire painting) is symmetrical. This final layer is very subtly designed to give the appearance of fine brocade on the king’s robes and is constructed in a way which conveys authority and power.

The final part of the composition reveals the elements of small sprays of blood on the kings robes. After all he has returned from battle!

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