Digital abstract painting – Radiant joy

Digital abstract painting - Radiant joy
Digital abstract painting - Radiant joy
Dimensions: 7200 x 10800 px
Painted: 2016

Digital abstract painting – Radiant joy – conveying the emotion of radiant joy

Life is short. Life is complex. Life is dynamic. Life is colourful. What better way to celebrate the joy of living than with an abstract painting. In this case Bert has created an abstract expressionist piece of digital art. The intense complexity and chaotic and random forms are incredibly attractive to the human eye. The power of being able to create such beautiful paintings that express such radiant joy that he feels is very gratifying.

The actual process of creating these is kept closely under Bert’s hat. He will say that they are a digital composite of some of his photographs of his traditionally painted abstract works of art. The use of digital modification in this way allows the artist to create a work of art that would be impossible to actually create using a brush.

“I want people to understand that there is no subject or thing to be seen with my abstract art. It’s all about abstract expression.” – Bert Ernie

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