Digital abstract painting – Pastel pop

Digital abstract painting - Pastel pop
Digital abstract painting - Pastel pop
Dimensions: 6300 x 5400 px
Painted: 2017

Bert Ernie has for nearly twenty years explored the idea of creating beauty in art with his abstract paintings. The digital abstract paintings are no different. Pastel pop is one such example.

Pastel pop is a fairly simple artwork. It is comprised of two elements – vertical lines and an array of circles. All the geometric forms are held to a tightly packed grid. All that is needed is some beautiful colours. Bert spent many hours selecting these colours and then placed them on top of a rainbow background. The goal all along was to try to create the most simple and beautiful digital abstract painting he could. The concept was the painter’s version of pop music – simple music, tinged with wonderful joy and designed to appeal to the most number of people.

Bert has certainly exceeded in making  a colourful, lightweight piece of beautiful digital art with Pastel pop.

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