Digital abstract painting – Colourful data array

Colourful data array - digital abstract art
Digital abstract painting - Colourful data array
Dimensions: 6300 x 5400 px
Painted: 2017

For Bert Ernie colour is something that is mood altering. Dull grey colours inspire nothing but depression and sadness. Bright colours, especially pastel hues create a sense of joy. This has lead the artist to create some of the most joyful and abstract works of art. Traditionally these were done with paint. But 2017 has revealed new and exciting opportunities for him.

The Colourful data array abstract painting is simple with an array of circles and geometric forms arrayed in a grid. Hence the title – Colourful data array. Each element of geometry is uniquely coloured and the entire ensemble sits on top of a rainbow background. The geometric forms are pieces of data but they are colourised to provide joy to the viewer’s eye.

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