Digital abstract painting - Bright and cheerful
Digital abstract painting - Bright and cheerful
Dimensions: 6300 x 5400 px
Painted: 2017

The year 2017 revealed a new direction in art for Bert Ernie – digital abstraction. The previous year Bert had begun to explore with techniques of making abstract art in digital form. At first it involved using digital image manipulation of some photographs of his painted abstract art. This yielded spectacular results but soon his thirst for learning new techniques began to take over.

This is the first in a series of purely digital abstract ‘paintings’. It is rather simple in terms of its technical prowess but it was always meant to be simple. The bright and cheerful painting was constructed on a grid, upon which were placed simple lines and circles. Each line and circle has a unique colour assigned to it. And the circles and lines exist on separate layers. It is where they interact that creates the interest. Digital design allows for certain rules to be established, so that the top-most layer has its colour altered by what exists underneath. This creates a visually interesting piece of abstract and geometric digital art.

It is vividly bright, the random colours come and go within a line or circle and create a pleasing visual feast for the human eye. Hence the title – Bright and cheerful.

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