There isn’t a great deal of information on photorealist painting techniques available on the internet.
Photorealist painters tend to be quite secretive.
I had a free PDF book to download on my old website but when I changed to a new domain name it wasn’t included.
Until now.
I have made some very minor changes and it can be downloaded by clicking on the image.

Thaneeya McArdle’s tutorials

You can also get more information from
Thaneeya McArdle’s tutorials.

Steve Greaves tutorials

Also Steve Greaves has a number of
tutorials here.

Photorealist Painting Techniques Free PDF book

Click on the image to download the pdf.

Would you like me to go into more detail?

I am no longer painting in a photorealistic style, but I am hopefully going to create a great deal more content in order to fully explain my techniques. There’s only a handful of information out there and I am wanting to teach people how to make the most faithful reproductions of photographs with simple equipment.

For me to do this I would need to spend a great deal of time. My goal is to produce both printed content in the form of a book and also with video. I would start with some small and relatively easy images and eventually add more difficult works of art. As this would require me to work full time I would need some way of making it financially rewarding. I will offer parts of it for free but it will be in the form of a printed book and subscription based video tutorials. I have a Patreon page so you can always help in this way.

So if this sounds like something you would be interested in then please use the contact form by hitting the button below and leave me your details with a reference to the Photorealist painting techniques tutorials. Then when I am starting to create content I will e-mail you and let you know how to access it.

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