SEA SLUG – NEMBROTHA PURPUREOLINEATAA photorealist painting of a poisonous sea slug

Photorealism painting | Sea slug
One of Bert’s very earliest paintings. This cunt of a friend of his asked him to paint it.

Then when he had done it, he didn’t want it.

Bert has often wondered what the fuck is wrong with people? When people would ask for him to create something just for them when they know he would be reluctant to do that particular piece of art. What’s in it for him?

Oh we’ll pay you. Yeah right. So many times has Bert Ernie been fucked over by people with no fucking ethics.
Dimensions: 51x61cm.
Painted: 1999.
Materials: Acrylic on canvas board.
Availability: For sale $1 unframed. $220 framed

The story behind Sea slug

I painted this for a friend, who subsequently didn’t want it. It’s a very early painting and was rather easy to do; it required some imagination in terms of enlarging the hard-cropped source image.
Bert Ernie

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Wall mockup view of photorealistic painting – Sea slug

Photorealism painting | Sea slug | Wall mockup

Source image of photorealistic painting – Sea slug

Photorealism painting | Sea slug | Source image

I am Bert Ernie.
I paint beauty and madness.