Getting kicked in the guts

No matter how many times I try to make some sort of inroads towards getting ahead in the ‘art world’; I get kicked in the guts. I have great faith in my ablilty and it’s endlessly frustrating when I see endless artists with little or no talent making a living at it. I am not putting down these people only on their technical skills either; all to often they lack any relativity to the everyday person with their overly intellectual art.

So I am writing this because I have had a few setbacks and wanted to have a rant and a rave. I doubt anybody will read this either. Who cares. I create art for the joy of creating art. The ability to manufacture a work of photorealism or to splash and splatter an abstract painting that is exquisitely beautiful is very rewarding. I just wish the art world was democratic. But is not. It is populated by con artists and muppets.

Exquisite beauty in the form of an abstract painting.
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