This is an ulcer on my leg after the protective patch and bandage was removed, and the very horrible, messy infection wiped away. The photograph was taken on 28th November, 2020. The week prior to this image the wound was much worse.

I am posting this because once again the Premier of Victoria has brought about a lockdown due the failure of his government to quarantine people from overseas. That’s an indisputable fact.

So why show us your horrible wound?

To give visual impetus to my story in regards to the sheer lack of regard for my right to go about my business. My business is trying to live.

I am a 52 year old male who is morbidly obese. I weigh 161 kg (as of today) and have numerous significant endocrine problems. Diabetes being the most prevalent. To tackle this I HAVE TO exercise in a pool. My left knee has almost no cartilage left and the other knee and hips aren’t much further behind. I can walk but the pain is pretty bad (I can manage about 5km a day (also have to walk to/from bus stop – no car)). About 18 months ago my doctor told me the only option left is to walk/exercise in the pool. I was going to the Eltham Pool and doing 4 days a week, an hour and a bit a day. It was something. I had reduced the bad effects of diabetes.

Then Covid hit. Lockdown. For seven months I had no access to exercise. tried walking as much as I could but my knee would get really bad and for the following days I would be barely able to walk at all. Then the weight started to balloon (got up to 170kg) and my legs would swell and develop ulcers. I also losed all the hair on my legs and had significant loss of feeling in my feet. Which would require expensive dressings and cream. It became a vicious cycle. The only way of interrupting that cycle was to exercise in a pool. But that was banned in Victoria. I asked my endocrinologist could she help by getting me in the exercise pool at the Austin. Nope. Coronavirus was the problem. Note: With the help from my endocrinologist I tried different drugs/ doses – didn’t work. My diet is very good. Exercise is SO IMPORTANT to tackling diabetes.

Despaired as hell today. Another fucking lockdown. And to make it fucking worse you have all these cunts who compared to me HAVE IT EASY. I hate the cunts who defend the governments interference in my life. These governments have NO INTEREST in a nuanced approach that would allow me do my one hour of walking in the pool. I wonder if THOSE CUNTS will come and rub cream in my leg stumps if my feet have to be amputated. And another year and it could get that bad.


Mentally ill CUNTS have stripped almost all of the toilet paper from the shelves at Coles Greensborough today.

Bert Ernie

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