From my very first painting I have had two qualities stand out. Complexity and ideas. Wether it be my photorealist paintings or my digital abstract work these two qualities are there – they are almost always visually complex and conceptual.

I started by painting photorealism and they are interesting subjectwise as well as a display of skill. But that was never enough for my creative soul. I soon moved onto abstract expressionism and the focus became about the visual beauty. But from the very first abstract work the subject/idea/theme was to inform the composition, color palette and forms. I always took the approach that it was if I were taking a photo of the ‘thing’ and tearing it up into random shapes and forms and letting them flutter on down onto the canvas.

My latest venture is with digital abstract painting. I create these as an extension of my physical abstract work as well as use these as the basis for the clothing I have for sale at wild peach clothing.


Abstract Paintings | Bert Ernie

Digital Abstract

Digital Abstract Paintings | Bert Ernie


Photorealism Paintings | Bert Ernie

Bert Ernie’s PaintingsSome of the most interesting paintings

Digital Painting - Image 014 - Cheradenine Zakalwe
Photorealism painting - Siemens PLM - The Conquest of Bread
Abstract painting - Alien Landscape 2 - The power of idiots
Digital Painting - Image 004 - Turbocharged Whipper Snipper
Photorealism painting - Adam Mazzon
Digital Painting - Image 013 - Rhythm and melody
Photorealist painting - Vanquish
Abstract painting - Alien jungle 2
Digital Painting - Image 010 - Pop music