I will soon start work on writing the definitive book on my photorealistic painting techniques. It is tentatively titled Photorealism Painting Techniques. I will cover every aspect of the subject in comprehensive detail. It will cover aspects like

  • Choosing an image
  • Picking the right scale to paint
  • Computer manipulation
  • Painting materials
  • Drawing the grid
  • Drawing the image
  • Laying in basic first layers
  • Building those layers up
  • Difficult passages
  • Bringing the detail up
  • Making the painting match the source
  • Finishing up
  • Protecting the surface
  • Photography

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I have started to write posts about the photorealist painting techniques for an upcoming book.



I am in the process of writing a book which will comprehensively cover photorealist painting techniques. If this is interesting to you then hit the button to subscribe to future articles and ultimately the availability of the book.

Instead of waiting for me to write the book you can download my free tutorial of my photorealist painting techniques in pdf form.

Click the image to download.

Photorealist Painting Techniques
Photorealist Painting Techniques