I will only sell my paintings online using the services of This third-part escrow service protects both the buyer and the seller.

For you as someone who is considering buying one of my paintings the process is as follows.

  1. You contact me with some basic details – name, e-mail and where you want the painting delivered to.
  2. I work out the packing that is required and take this information and get quotes for shipping to your address. All shipping is traceable and insured for the value of the artwork. You can see more information on this part here.
  3. I send you an e-mail with how I will pack the painting and the cost given to me from the three couriers. You can choose the courier that you like and the total price then is the cost of the painting and your shipping choice. You then let me know.
  4. Once we agree to the price and the terms we can proceed. You register an account at and pay the agreed amount. For more information on the payment options please click here.
  5. I get a notification that the funds have been secured in escrow.
  6. I pack and ship the painting and then notify the purchaser and of the tracking information.
  7. The courier does their job and delivers it to you.
  8. You open the packaging and inspect the painting. With the secure packing there should be absolutely no problems. If you aren’t happy with the painting then you can raise a dispute with For more information on the dispute process please click here. If you don’t want the painting I will accept it being returned to me and will refund your money except for the shipping costs (there and back and as long as it is returned undamaged).
  9. If you are happy with the painting then you notify that you accept the goods – then will release the funds to me.
  10. I will float on cloud nine for a few days. I love the idea that people will get to see my paintings and see all of the love, passion and time I put into making my art.

This process might sound scary but it isn’t

I am very passionate about my art. The real joy for me is knowing that my paintings will be appreciated and enjoyed by those that own them. I am using the services of to ensure that I can offer my paintings to customers around the world in a manner that is safe and secure.

There’s a lot more information on all the facets of using this escrow service at or you can watch the following video.