The future of collecting art is buying online.

And is going to dominate the art market in coming years.

It is safe, easy and relatively inexpensive.

I use the services of which provides protection in the transaction for myself and you the customer.

I value my paintings a lot. I have spent many hours in creating them and so I pack them so they will arrive in perfect condition.

There are advantages for both the buyer and seller.

For the buyer

  • Security
  • Ease of purchase
  • Less expensive

For the artist

  • Worldwide market
  • Open 24/7
  • No gallery commission

Stunningly beautiful abstract art

With my online art gallery

presentation of paintings is important.

Mockup images

so you can judge the paintings size and presence.

There are many online art galleries

Frankly they suck. I have tried several and they have several disadvantages.

  • They take a commission (around 30-35%). That would be ok if they actually worked to get you sales. They don’t. They just offer you space on their website.
  • To get noticed the artist has to pay quite a bit to be a featured artist for many of these websites.
  • They are crowded. Really crowded. Search for something like ‘abstract paintings of flowers’ and they offer literally thousands of other artists. And many of the search results aren’t valid. The artists in their quest to get noticed have been told to use every tag closely related to their artwork.
  • They have rules. One online art gallery (Bluethumb) deleted my entire web presence because some of my photorealist paintings use appropriated images. They claimed copywrite issues. I defended with Andy Warhol, Richard Prince etc. and they didn’t care – just deleted a hundred hours or so of work I had spent in setting up my art gallery on their site. They did it without any warning too and literally five minutes into an e-mail debate about the issue.

I use the services of They don’t. This is a huge advantage for both the buyer and myself.

By having my own website I control everything. I control the page layout, the size of the images, the description of the artwork and every aspect of how I come across to an online audience. The navigation on my website also allows me to offer a great presentation of my art and information about me.

My art practice constantly evolves. I want to have people look at what I have recently done, what I am currently working on, and what I am planning to do.

How to acquire my art with protects equally all parties involved in a transaction.

People resort to when they need to buy or sell something of value but don’t know the other party, regardless of where the transaction takes place.

Worldwide art shipping. Traceable and insured.

How I pack and ship my paintings

My paintings are unique and have been made with a lot of love, so I will overpack them to ensure you get them free from any damage.

I can ship my paintings to anywhere. I will only ship the paintings using a reliable carrier which has tracking and insurance to the value of the painting. 

Take a look around my site

I am a unique artist. My art means the world to me and knowing that people have seen my masterful techniques and diverse range of subjects in my realist paintings makes me very happy. But I get even more of a thrill knowing that my wild and beautiful abstract art gets seen.

My Favourites

I am known for my realism and my wild and beautiful abstract paintings.

These are some of the best paintings I have done IMHO.

Photorealist painting - Deckel Maho Gildemeister

Deckel Maho Gildemeister

A photorealist copy of a brochure from a machine tool manufacturer.

Abstract painting - King of ego - Detail 7

King of ego

A self portrait. And a bold claim to greatness.

Photorealist painting - Vanquish


I knew that I was on to something when I finished this.