Image 001

Image 001

New directions

Digital Painting - Image 001
Digital Painting – Image 001

This is my first digital abstract painting.

  • It has no subject at all.
  • It was created to be visually beautiful. Nothing more.

Dimensions: 9000px6000px.
Painted: 2022.
Availability: Maybe soon.

The story behind this painting

Boredom and frustration with my art has lead to me undertaking a new field to explore. I have had a Drawing tablet for about two years. It just sits there to the side of my desk. Lately I have been placing it front and center and just learning its basic functionality. I am still a beginner but I decided to show my first reasonable abstract digital painting.

Because there is no subject matter (as opposed to my painted abstract work) its entire reason for being is to be – beautiful. And I think it’s not to bad for a first off effort. I will do many more of these – subjectless and only about visual pleasure and will give them the totally thrilling titles of image #.

Current news

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