Image 001colors of madness

Digital Painting - Image 001
This is my first digital abstract painting.
It is about my desire to explore my creative need to produce art that is colorful, chaotic and visually appealing.
It was created to be visually beautiful. Nothing more.
Every one of the digital abstract paintings will be turned into some form of wearable art. These will be made available at wild peach clothing.
Dimensions: 9000px X 6000px.
Painted: 2022.
Availability: Soon.

The story behind this painting

Boredom and frustration with my art has lead to me undertaking a new field to explore. I have had a Drawing tablet for about two years. It just sits there to the side of my desk. Lately I have been placing it front and center and just learning its basic functionality. I am still a beginner but I decided to show my first reasonable abstract digital painting.

Colors of madness refers to my being a person who has been diagnosed as having Borderline Personality Disorder. And it also alludes to my insane quest to create the most beautiful and colorful art.

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