Photorealist painting - Southern California landscape

Title: Southern California Landscape
Materials: Acrylic on canvas board
Dimensions: 61 x 91 cm
Painted: 1999

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The story behind

Southern California landscape

Bert’s first photorealist painting was taken from Snap, an American magazine. He had learnt a grid would enable a detailed drawing to be made, and he discovered that this was the key to painting great realism. It featured a group of BMX riders in the first berm battling for position. Bert was always a keen cyclist and had started riding at the local BMX track in his early thirties and in the process discovered a new passion.

The picture features two riders prominently – Christophe LeVeque and John Purse, who at the time were dominating the sport of BMX. This race was called the So. Cal. Nationals and this became the basis for the title of the painting – ‘Southern California landscape’

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