Photorealist painting - King of dirt

Title: King of dirt
Materials: Acrylic on MDF board
Dimensions: 62 x 91 cm
Painted: 2000

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King of dirt

Titled King of Dirt after the name of the contest series, this artwork features a BMX rider (TJ Lavin), mid-trick (backflip turndown), over a big dirt jump. The scene is on Pier 17 in New York City! Photorealism is the only way such an image could be painted properly. This painting is where Bert first began to use the incredible power of a computer to manipulate the image before starting on the drawing – the image was changed to reduce the obvious curvature from the wide angle lens.

BMX might seem to be an unusual and childish subject, and not worthy of consideration, to many who consider themselves to appreciate the finer arts. Bert Ernie isn’t interested in appealing, in any way, to such people. He considers art to be at its best when it appeals to as wide an audience as possible. He believes the best art is when that art is easily understood and not loaded with intellectual theorizing. And because King of dirt appeals to the young (and young at heart) – it’s democratic art at its best.

The source was from Snap BMX magazine and the photographer was Keith Mulligan.

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