Photorealist painting - Fog over Yarra River at Yarra Glen

Title: Fog over Yarra River at Yarra Glen
Materials: Acrylic on MDF board
Dimensions: 90 x 60 cm
Painted: 2014

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The story behind

Fog over Yarra River at Yarra Glen

This is a somewhat abstract image, it was specifically chosen for its abstract qualities. One of the things that makes a photorealistic painting look like a photograph (if it is done well) is the accurate transcription of the multitude of abstract qualities that the source image is comprised of. This particular painting was quite difficult to paint due to Bert not owning an airbrush which would have made the diffuse look of fog in such a landscape. The need to merge very subtle colours seamlessly had to be done with cotton buds, brushes and fingers.

This is an important work for Australian artist Bert Ernie as it marks a return to painting of the rural landscape of Yarra Glen. The previous paintings were all quite small in scale and the newer series of artworks are all significantly larger.

This painting was based from a photograph the artist took on April 25th 2014. It can be seen here.

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