Photorealist painting - Carolyn #2

Title: Carolyn #2
Materials: Acrylic on MDF board
Dimensions: 25 x 21 cm
Painted: 2009

Number of hours to paint this artwork
The story behind

Carolyn #2

This is Bert Ernie’s most technically accomplished portrait that he has ever done. It is a master at the height of his powers. Intended to impress his ex-girlfriend (who had left him) Bert pulled out all the skills he possessed in painting this photorealistic work of art. The depiction of the ribbed, finely knitted, jumper and the skin is difficult enough to do when using a larger support – but on such a small scale it is extremely hard to get right. Bert spent many hours (a little over a hundred) on transforming a small piece of MDF board into an amazing rendering of a beautiful woman.

It was for naught – when seeing it Carolyn hated it so much she had a legal restraint imposed on its publication on Bert’s website – which has now lapsed. Bert believes that this is his best portrait painting and is happy to show the world what a beautiful woman is (and how much skill he has).

This painting was entered into the 2010 Moran Prize.

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