Photorealist painting - Byzantium Security

Title: Byzantium security
Materials: Acrylic on MDF board
Dimensions: 47 x 70 cm
Painted: 2012

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The story behind

Byzantium security

This image was sourced from a relatively low resolution image which popped up on the Internet. It speaks volumes for the state of the capitalist world. It is such a profound image Bert managed to complete the painting within two weeks of its first appearance on Twitter.

It soon became apparent that the Byzantium security advertisement was for a TV show about spies. Regardless this is another of Bert Ernie’s political paintings which are primarily conceptual as well as realistic.

The idea of the wealthiest 1% being the only people that matter is truly offensive for an anarchist.

Note: This is the only painting ever ‘signed’ by the artist. Look at the top right hand corner and you will see the original name of Bert Ernie – Mark Russell.

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