Something beautiful to look at. Something to think about.

Bert Ernie has been painting photorealism for eighteen years. His work has from the very outset been different to other paintings in the photorealist genre. Where other painters stick to one subject or style Bert paints in many genre’s available to the photorealist painter.

Bert has painted portraits, landscapes, still life and specialized subjects. His oeuvre covers people riding BMX bikes, terrorists, CNC machines, still life, heavy metal, landscapes and cars. There is no photorealist painter who has ever tried to tackle such a large gamut of subject matter. And the reasons for doing this are twofold. Firstly because Bert finds painting the same subject boring. Secondly new subject matter often presents opportunities to expand his technical prowess.

The paintings are not only visually appealing they are also designed to make the viewer think about the subject at hand. They are conceptual photorealism.