Abstract painting - The most beautiful man that ever lived

Title: The most beautiful man that ever lived
Materials: Acrylic and enamel on MDF board
Dimensions: 90 x 60 cm
Painted: 2018

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The story behind

The most beautiful man that ever lived

In one of Bert Ernie’s many lives, he walked the earth as an incredibly handsome man. He was so beautiful he had to carry a stick around with him to fight off those that flung themselves at him.

He was tall, slim and had an athletic and powerful body. His fair skin and curly strawberry blond hair framed his boyish yet masculine and flawless face. His blue eyes captivated all those mere humans he gazed upon. He was the most beautiful man who ever lived.

Bert wandered the earth all those many years ago fully aware of his effect on others, and this made him incredibly arrogant. Bert walked from town to town, from country to country trying to find his female equivalent. He rejected thousands of offers of love from other incredibly beautiful females. Bert truly believed he was God’s gift to women and because he and so beautiful he had to find a partner who matched his physical appearance.

He never did find that person. Bert’s appearance never aged beyond his late teenage years – even when he was an old man he was still incredibly attractive. But eventually the time came to die, and it was his heart that simply stopped beating. Bert was a fool. He never saw what made people truly beautiful – which was the compassion and love in their hearts that they would share with those around them.


Bert strives to create beautiful art. He wants people to see the actual painted surface as being incredibly beautiful with its dense array of colourful splotches, flicks, dabs and runs.
Secondary to that is the crazy story and image behind the work.


  • Using a paintbrush to paint a stroke, dot or line
  • Flicking paint from a loaded brush
  • Using a finger to manipulate paint already on the surface
  • Dropping a droplet of paint from a brush
  • Pouring an amount of paint into a puddle
  • Tilting the board to make wet paint run across the board
  • Adding oil based paint to acrylic paint
  • Using a syringe to squirt paint in a direction
  • Using a syringe to drop a droplet of paint
  • Using a large brush to apply paint to a large area
  • Removing half dry paint off by washing painting off with a hose
  • Removing and smudging paint with a rag
  • Using a can of spray paint

Bert’s compositional approach is very much like taking a photographic image and tearing it up into small strips, shapes, confetti like circular pieces and throwing them up into the air. Only to have them fall in a completely random manner on the board. Each piece of the torn photo occupying it’s own space, and all the pieces landing in the original image space.

Bert’s abstract paintings are just a torn imaginary photograph.

From the mind of a complete and utter lunatic.

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