The first abstract painting I did was a way of trying to explain how I felt about the joy of listening to the wild and free jazz of Miles Davis – one of the most creative musicians to ever play jazz. His creativity was legendary. He was a master trumpet player and created some of the most memorable music the jazz world has ever seen.

I had often wondered how a painter would go about painting an emotion like the joy of listening to music. I knew it was almost impossible to depict with a realist form of painting. I possibly could have painted a copy of a photograph of him performing in a smoky nightclub with an enraptured audience. But I knew that it wouldn’t even come close to portraying the emotion of the joy I felt.

So with some leftover paint, I began to experiment. I soon realized that with a form of abstract expressionism it could be done. A very muted green background was laid in. After it had dried, I began to utilize numerous methods to create essential elements. Primarily paint was dripped onto the surface, in small and large amounts. The colorful paint was also splattered, dragged, and flicked. The board was tilted to allow puddles of paint to flow, mix, and create linear elements. Fingers and brushes were used. I have never changed my techniques since this first painting – just expanded them.

Painting information

Materials: Acrylic on MDF board
Dimensions: 62 x 91 cm
Painted: 2001


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