One dark cloudless summer night the sky over Yarra Glen was lit up with a beautiful display of fireworks. Me and my crazy friends didn’t have a special event or holiday; there was just a need for the celebration of the joy of life. So out came the big box of colorful exploding rockets.

The party leading up to the fireworks display was remarkably wild and raucous, many of Yarra Glen’s party animals were in attendance. The hours of dancing, drinking, and being merry had come to a close just before midnight. So with that, I grabbed the big box out of the shed and set up the hundred or so different fireworks. Each one had been custom made by some crazy old dude called Wildman Buffalo.

What I created was a system so that when one rocket launched its flames would ignite the start-fuse for the next rocket. All one had to do was lay-out the colorful splatter missiles in line with the linked fuse system in place. It took about thirty minutes for my somewhat inebriated self.

I lit the first fuse. Boy oh boy! For the next ten minutes, a series of incredible color explosions smeared the sky above Yarra Glen. The party-goers stood around, looking towards the night sky and embraced the sense that they were here, alive, for a relatively short time; here and part of the cycle of life within our vast cosmos.

Painting information

Materials: Acrylic on canvas
Dimensions: 33 x 24 cm
Painted: 2018


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