Four years after painting ‘Fight of the Aliens #1’ I am returned to the alien planet to see the end of the fight. Despite neither of the combative aliens remembering what minor disagreement started the bloody battle, the two creatures have managed to sustain years of intensity with their sheer will to live.

Soon the final turning point arrives – the much smaller dog-like creature has managed to get under the belly of the dragon, and with a mighty chomp of its tusk-like teeth, it pierces the side of the dragon. Those teeth are covered with nasty bacteria which spread throughout the dragon’s system and slowly eat away at the alien creature from the inside. I am handed materials and begin to paint again.

Eventually, the significantly weakened dragon lays dead on the ground, and the dog-alien starts to eat his opponent piece by piece. It’s the penultimate act which comes after many years of countless brutal horrors. Once finished eating its opponent, the alien dog-like creature lies down to rest.

I am so shocked and upset at the scene that I begin to cry. The alien then explains why I was chosen to come to the planet. “I want you to show your world the obscenity and sheer foolishness of violence. Hopefully, the intensity of your abstract expressionist artwork will suffice.”

Painting information

Materials: Acrylic and enamel on MDF board
Dimensions: 91 x 62 cm
Painted: 2008


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