When spring arrived in 2017, I felt an overwhelming and intense need to go out and paint the most beautiful thing I could. I had been suffering from severe depression due to the recent suicide of my brother, and then soon after the tragic death of a very close friend. Making a beautiful, abstract work of art would lift my spirits.
It took a little bit of a trek, but eventually, I arrived at a spot where I would find the most incredible view. It was atop a modest hill and looked down across the Yarra Valley. There were numerous different flowers in full bloom, and the sun shone down from a blue sky.
The painting took most of an afternoon, and I managed to capture the incredible visual beauty of the field of colorful flowers that lay before me. There was all manner of colors in the flowers - from yellow, orange, red, purple, mauve, and even pale blue - this was all set off against a field of the greenest of green grass.
Once I had finished this painting, I packed up my things and returned home. There were tears in my eyes - I knew Luke and Rebecca would never get to experience this magnificent beauty I had witnessed. I will also never be able to show them this abstract expressionist work of art either. But I can try and share with the world the sheer majestic beauty of a field of flowers.
This painting is available for purchase for the princely sum of $1500 + shipping. This painting is framed. Please use the contact form to inquire about purchasing this painting.
Painting information
Materials:Acrylic on MDF board
Dimensions:63 x 122 cm


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