Early in 2018, I heard a familiar sound, a whistling, whooshing, and popping and went out into the backyard to investigate. And sure enough, the fuchsia colored disc descended and landed, however this time a different alien appeared once the door popped open. A big orange colored, furry, alien, teddy bear with no clothing except a big red bow tie around its neck stood at the boarding ramp of the spaceship. “Hey, Bert I heard you’ve been sad of late. Do you want to go to a party?” “Sure!” was my reply and so I climbed aboard the spaceship.

After some indeterminable time, we arrived at the alien teddy bear’s planet and landed. The teddy bear alien opened the door to reveal a scene of what can only be described as an enormous dance party of teddy bears. The teddy bears were all naked (except for colorful bow ties) and dancing to music which was a strange combination of techno, punk rock, and jazz. The field they danced in was lit up by colorful lights amongst an assortment of unusual sculptures of fornicating aliens.

I got naked and joined in the unbelievably wild dance party. Fuelled by copious amounts of strange psychedelic drugs and exotically colored alien fruits, I danced furiously for days. There didn’t appear to be a journey home. All I knew was that I just woke up feeling a little strange.

Painting information

Materials: Acrylic on MDF board
Dimensions: 51 x 92 cm
Painted: 2018


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