Exactly a year later after my first encounter with the alien spaceship it returned. As before it was around midnight when I heard the sounds.

This time the journey was to another planet; where from a planetary orbit, the alien told me of a devastating war. A conflict over entitlement to resources had ended when one of the groups had used large thermonuclear weapons to attack their enemies. Craters two hundred kilometers in diameter and fifty deep were centered on huge planetary cracks. Oceans were displaced into new forms and volcanoes emerged, allowing an enormous spewing out of the underlying magma. The alien explained how within ten years of the final catastrophic war, every living creature on the planet had died.

I was handed some artist supplies and asked to paint another alien landscape. Again I couldn’t be sure of how long it took, but the alien eventually came to stand alongside me to examine the painting. “That’s an incredibly beautiful painting of the power of nuclear weapons and what they can do in the hands of idiots. It’s sad to see that all too often sentient beings choose to ignore that they are lead by totally immoral idiots.”

With a tear in his eye, I nodded in agreement. Once again the alien set a course to return me to my home planet – mother Earth.

Painting information

Materials: Acrylic and enamel on MDF board
Dimensions: 91 x 62 cm
Painted: 2002


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