Photorealist Painting - Bert Ernie

Photorealist paintings

Bert Ernie started out painting photorealism in 1998. In that time he has completed almost 40 paintings. Unlike most other artists working in the realist genre he does not just stick to one theme, genre or subject.

Bert has painted

  • Portraits
  • Landscapes
  • Still life
  • Animals
  • Cars
  • Specialized genres

The art is designed to not simply be a display of technical prowess. Although the paintings are incredibly visually beautiful in that they come close to replicating the quality of the source image, that is not their primary purpose.

The main reason for their creation is to make the viewer think. There is in almost every artwork a strong conceptual value to it. An example of this is the CNC paintings. Their purpose is to have the viewer think about the idea of accuracy and how it pertains to the genre of photorealist painting.

Photorealist painting
Abstract Expressionism - Bert Ernie

Abstract paintings

Bert started out painting in an abstract manner when he realized that photorealism has quite a few limitations. When it comes to painting emotions the artist couldn’t arrive at any great solutions using a realist approach. What Bert discovered was that a completely chaotic, colourful (or muted), dynamic, intertwined, dripped, splattered and (most importantly) beautiful abstract expressionistic approach could offer to the artist for communicating emotions.

Things like the joy of listening to the joy of a favorite musical artist or the horror of a terrorist attack could only be powerfully expressed by a completely abstract technique. Soon Bert started to expand his abstract subject matter – he included landscapes of places that the human eye could never see – parts of the galaxy and alien landscapes. Next Bert started painting real life events but in his completely abstract way – parties, football matches and flowers.

Digital Abstraction - Bert Ernie

Digital abstract paintings

Only available as digital prints the abstract work is an extension of the traditional form of abstract painting that Bert does. These works are only available as prints. They are even more chaotic, colourful, complex and beautiful than the physical paintings.

Digital abstract paintings
Digital Realism - Bert Ernie

Digital sculpture

This is an exciting new venture for Bert. His ability to create three dimensional models and render them with a verisimilitude that is of an extraordinary level offers opportunities to create art that can take the artist into new and interesting areas.

Digital Photography - Bert Ernie

Digital photographs

With the advent of digital photography the ability for people with limited skills to create beautiful images has come about. Bert is only very moderately skillful as a photographer and armed with his Canon DSLR he occasionally wanders around the rural environment of his home town in Yarra Glen in Victoria, Australia.

Lately Bert has discovered HDR photographic techniques which afford the artist even more opportunity to capture the stunning beauty of his environment.

Digital photographs